Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Kennedy shot to death"

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a mortifying event which shocked and saddened the whole nation. News archives first broke the news with statements such as the president being shot, but not totally concluding that the president was dead. The news reads detailed information about President Kennedy’s assassination, such as three shots were fired, along with the president’s car- which was described to have gained speed moments after the shots were fired and how the vehicle went straight to the hospital where the president died thirty minutes later. Some news went on to describe where the president was shot and where the bullets penetrated, also not failing to name others that were injured…
An interesting piece of information that I read while browsing through articles was the fact that first Lady Jackie Kennedy was said to have whispered “oh no” as she held the frail body of the late president. Also, as a usual part of the news, speculations were made. Hearsay such as Jackie O was seen attempting to crawl out of the vehicle, as she was trying to grab a piece of the president’s skull. A customary part of the news cast, allegations and interviews of people describing to have thought they seen a rifle or a gun of some sort was sticking out of the window at a nearby building but they never saw the actual man or person who triggered the shots were included in the news cast. The coverage of the topic reflected chaos and panic. As detailed as the news story were, it seemed that there were still some information lacking which I believe ultimately lead to the assumption of who the gun man was and some other plotted theories for the hit of the beloved president.
In contrast to the other numerous articles I came across with, many headlines were unique and different in their own way. Some were very intriguing, almost inviting to the readers and others just offered drama and sadness. But with all the news articles… regardless of their headlines- from “Kennedy Shot to Death” to “The Death of a President” the entire news cast seemed to have one thing in common, which is the deliverance of the information about the slain president and maybe if you get lucky the article paints a picture and builds your emotion with drama and more.

I was fascinated at the fact that many news papers have continuously written stories about the dark day President Kennedy was shot even decades later. The Dallas Morning News has claimed that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was ‘the crime of the century’. Published in 1988 the news article revisits the case (which is not unusual for many notable news paper companies, particularly when the date rolls near the murder date of the late President)

Looking ahead, since change is leisurely approaching and happening in America; with the new President elected I feel that now President Obama carries some of the charismatic qualities that the late President Kennedy had. Looking back in our nation’s history seems overwhelming. The tragedies that have happened, the lives that were wasted and sacrificed all ultimately leading to what is happening now- America fulfilling its statement that it is the land of the free and the land of great opportunity for everyone.


  1. hey Grace, nice blog on the assassinations of JFK and MLK, Jr. your final note is true, though both are gone, they're legacies will live forever. what I found chilling was the fact that Jackie O tried to find a piece of her husband's skull after he was shot, just showing how horrific and shocking an event JFK's death was. you also mention Pres. Obama and it's got me thinking about what MLK Jr. would think if he were still alive to see the nation's first black president. nice use of images also. good luck rest of the semester.

  2. hey Grace. here's the way to access older articles for your 2nd blog like we discussed earlier:

    1. go to
    2. select "Electronic Journal List"
    3. type in the name of the newspaper you want to search
    4. find your articles and write another kick-butt blog, haha.
    NOTE: make sure to check the dates avaiable for each of the newspapers.

    good luck.