Monday, March 16, 2009

MLK Jr's death not invain

While assassinations of important and historical people are not anything new in the American history, the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. was undeniably another tragic turning point in our history. Similar to the late President Kennedy’s assassination news headlines, the murder of MLK Jr. described the most important facts the public or reader would want to know… who he was with, who shot him and why. What were the details, when it was and other important preceding information to follow… who was survived by the victim, what does this mean for the American people and history and more importantly what does this change and what now.

It was on April 4, 1968 at approximately 6:01 pm a shot was fired and Martin Luther King Jr. who was standing on the Balcony of his room at a local motel in Memphis TN. It was described the MLK was shot in the neck, and next to him was Reverend Jesse Jackson. It was amazing to me how fast they got the shots of the late MLK. One shot was him in the stretcher and another of Reverend Jackson and some other people pointing out the direction of where the shot came from. It’s as if photojournalists or photographers just happened to be at the right place at the right time, but sadly in MLK’s case it was the complete opposite.
As a usual notion for many papers to do is to revisit and reprint some sort scenarios from the murder of these prominent and historical figures. Of course the time frame is an important factor. Whether we are celebrating what could have been their 60th or so birthday anniversary, or simply just their death anniversary.
One thing that separated JFK’s assassination from MLK was the lack of riots. Preceding Doctor Martin Luther King Jr’s shooting it was reported that many violence and riots followed. While both men help change the nation historically Martin Luther King was mourned by thousands of colored people. “In outrage of the murder, many blacks took to the streets across the country in a massive way of riots.” (Jennifer Rosendberg LA times January 2007)
I do not imagine any other story that would compare with this two. The heaviness and importance of this surreal tragedy forever changed the history and existence of our nation. A story I feel that should have made the top news stories of the century up to date would be Presidents Obama’s victory and the way he change the nation’s color margin today. Obama’s presidency not only showed that anything is possible in the land of the free but also, more importantly, I think it portrayed that the death of Kennedy and MLK Jr. was not for granted, it was honored and it still in our minds today. Both American legends- JFK and MLK JR. are gone but never forgotten.

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